How (and why) to Break Up with Your IT Service Provider

How (and why) to Break Up with Your IT Service Provider
How (and why) to Break Up with Your IT Service Provider

How (and why) to Break Up with Your IT Service Provider.

If you’re reading this blog it is because you are either tired of your current IT service provider or are stuck with them and do not know how to break up. In this blog, we have covered all the points regarding why you should consider leaving your current IT service provider.

An IT provider might be your hardware/software supplier, managed services provider, or anything in between. But the important thing one should keep in mind is that technology is an important part of your business’ success. One can not risk it just to keep relations with someone who is not providing to be valuable. Let’s first look at the signs why you should consider parting ways with your service provider and later we’ll look at techniques to detach from them

They don’t get you

An IT service provider should be focused on your business’ needs, instead of the just making money from you. They should be equipping you all the necessary means to accomplish your mission and goals. If a question is asked to you that “Does your IT provider fully or try to understand you?”, can you confidently say yes? If the answer is no, then you’re probably better off looking for another provider.

You’re frustrated more often than you’re happy

The relationship with your IT provider might have started great, but then as time passed by they started to neglect many things. The quality of service started to derail and you were just not happy anymore. And you also forgave them very easily for their delayed work and degraded value of service. It’s your IT provider company’s responsibility to take care of you, and you’re right to let them know how you feel. Even after talking to them things don’t change, you’re better off looking for another provider.

Your tech is worst than before

Compare your current IT situation to when your vendor first started working with you. All the tech at that time would’ve worked perfectly with little to no hiccups. But now, everything seems to fall apart. They are not performing regular maintenance and patch management to keep devices up to date and running perfectly. If this sounds like your situation, then you’re better off looking for another provider.

Now let’s look at how you can break up with your current provider, it’s time to have that difficult conversation.

You will have to first set a meeting with them, and talk everything about your current IT situation with them. Remember to have proofs ready to back your claims. They might try to suggest some ways to solve this, but since you have had enough you must not consider any of their options. In the end, you need to give them a deadline of when they can take their IT equipment out because your new vendors are going to start onboarding their stuff. This way you would have the upper hand in the conversation the entire time

Looking for a new IT service provider?

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