How to maintain an efficient server room

server room
server room

A server room, for any business either big or small, has always been an important part. Their role is to safeguard all the data that your business holds. This includes information of clients/patients, employees, sales, vendors, government compliance, financial transactions, and other critical data. Would you be comfortable saying that your server is being looked after and is clean and secured?

Many companies neglect this portion of their infrastructure. It is vital and crucial to keep your server room safe, clean, and efficient. It is suggested that a server room cleaning and maintenance should be done every three months. Failure in doing so can cause and has caused cost companies in the past, thousands of dollars.

Why is it important to keep your server room clean

We as companies are willing to spend so much time and money on protecting our data. Ensuring privacy for our users and clients. We’ll set up firewalls, purchase expensive anti-viruses, but won’t pay attention to our server rooms. which are the most vulnerable and need the most care. Server room malfunctioning means that your business could experience downtime. Now the longevity of that downtime depends on how fast you and your team react to it, but studies suggest that just one minute of downtime could cause a company $5,600. Imagine the financial burden it could bring to your business.

What steps could be taken to prevent this

  1. Make sure your server room is free from all tangled cords. Organize them and if needed label them. Color-coding cords works best for most business. Try to use the right length of cord instead of having a big coil.
  2. Clean the server room. Don’t let dust settle there. Cleaning it regularly can ensure proper cooling and airflow. Try to regularly shut down server rooms, if possible.
  3. Control temperature of the room. These room work well below 77°F or 25°C. Good cooling system can increase the lifespan of the servers.

How can we help

IBITS can provide you with all the services and help required to keep that server room clean and efficient. Our team would be happy to inspect your server rooms, clean them, tidy up those cables and make them look good as new again.

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