Why Do I Need Managed IT Services?

Why do I need Managed IT services

Why do I need Managed IT services? In this article we’ll be first looking at what Managed IT is and then move to the benefits of it and why your business needs Managed IT services.

What are Managed IT services?

Managed IT services offer a wide range of services, from specific on-demand responses to 24/7/365 coverage of IT duties. Managed services providers allow organizations to outsource IT tasks and give them the comfort of increased IT efficiency. These services can be offered either remotely or on-site. IT services providers or vendors, like IBITS help to improve uptime management and ensure compliance with national and international regulatory entities is been dealt with. However, their main focus would be to help organizations protect their sensitive data from hackers.

Managed IT services include, but are not limited to:

Remote monitoring and management of hardware and infrastructure. Security services, including monitoring, penetration testing, threat hunting, or incident response. Configuration and management of cloud services. Patch management. Communication support, including IP telephony services.

Why does your business need Managed IT Services:

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Security and regulatory compliance are crucial nowadays for any business. The technology we use collects, transmits, and transfers sensitive data. A breach in the system can cost a business thousands of dollars. Managed services can protect your business from these circumstances and ensure your business is agreeing and following the policies.

Cost Reduction on your IT needs

Most businesses would call IT support only when there’s a major issue, not for small things just to save money. What they don’t realize is they end up paying more this way. However, if they would have purchased a Managed IT service package, their IT company would cover everything. From a small printer error to internet downtime, you can call your IT provider anytime and they would have to fix it. Managed IT service providers will save you money over time, by keeping the systems updated, reducing hardware costs, maintaining security protocols, all this for just a fixed monthly rate. At IBITS, we even provide training to your staff on how to properly use systems and how to keep protected from hackers.

Peace of mind

Managed services gives you the comfort of not worrying about your IT issues. Even if something happens you don’t have to wait long hours just to get hold of an IT person. Your MSP (managed service provider) would be only a call away. Some businesses try to avoid outsourcing as they have this misconception that it will decrease their level of data security. However, it is the opposite. MSP are responsible for keeping your data save, follow stringent safety and data management, and provide with backups (both cloud and local).

All in all having a MSP is much better and cost efficient than having to call IT support for everytime there’s an issue. However, it is important to find the right MSP because they can either make your experience amazing or the worst. Your MSP should be active and interested in fixing problems instead of preventing them. They should have ideas on how your business can improve IT infrastructure so there’s less chance of an IT problem to occur. This would save you so much of downtime that could occur in an event of an IT breakdown.

At IBITS, we use proactive approach. We are enthusiastic, full of energy, and always available to help. Our team is comprised of amazing and professional technicians who know their field the best. Our products are designed to provide you with more features in less amount. Feel free to reach out to us. We would be more than happy in assisting you with your IT needs. You can contact us through any of these means EmailInstagramFacebookLinkedin, or Twitter, or call us at 306-205-8889. Read the last blog here.